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Vaporizers Now Disposable – The Double Agent


Introducing the World’s First Disposable Vaporizer!

It’s happened. The world’s very first disposable vaporizers have been put on the market, and Vapor Outlet has them for wholesale buyers. Brought to you by Stealth Technology, the Double Agent Vaporizer sends a new twist on the vaporizer market. Double Agent Vaporizers are disposable! Once the battery dies just throw it away it is that simple! These vaporizers introduce an affordable way to try out vaporizing.

The Double Agent Vaporizer runs on lithium ion technology for the battery power. It features a one-button operation system. Click the button 5 times to unlock and vaporize, and click it five times again to lock it for later. Double Agent Vaporizers have the ability to vaporize oil/waxes , e-liquid, and dry herbs! Just fill the ceramic cup with your choice of the three and let the ceramic heating coil do the rest of the work for your vaporizing pleasures. Each Double Agent has a rubberized mouthpiece for inhaling the vapor.

Looking like your average disposable e-cigarette, Double Agent Vaporizers provide an incognito way to enjoy vaporizing on-the-go. The affordable price makes it easy for anyone to own and try out vaporizers. Because it is a disposable vaporizer,  the Double Agent has a maximum puff limit. With dry herbs you can get up to 100 puffs. If you prefer waxes/oils, the Double Agent produces up to 250 puffs. Lastly the e-liquid produces up to 300 puffs.

Regardless if you are trying vaporizers for the first time or would like a vaporizer to have on-the-go that you can throw away when finished, Double Agent Vaporizers are the way to go. Stealth Technology has used amazing technology to create this convenient way to vaporize and Vapor Outlet would like to help you stock your stores with this great product. Don’t miss out on this new, hot product in the market of vaporizers. Buy them today from along with all of your addition herbal vaporizer and herbal grinder needs.

New: E-Liquid and E-Cigarettes

Atmos E-Liquid now available at

Atmos E-Liquid now available at

Vapor Outlet has extended their inventory to include E-cigarettes and E-liquid for vaporizers of all kinds. Continuing on the path to smoke free living, vaporizers and E-Cigarettes make that goal very easy to reach. E-cigarettes and vaporizing E-Liquid provide a healthy alternative to smoking. They produce thick aromatic and tasty vapor that is just as fresh with every puff, and it curves the need to smoke, preventing harm to the body with dangerous carcinogens associated with smoking.

E-Liquid is a great way to fill vaporizers with a tasty alternative to smoking. Atmos E-Liquid comes in a variety of 18 aromatic and exotic flavors. Each E-liquid bottle holds 10 mL of liquid and features a no-drip screw off top, and a patented drip tip for application straight into your vaporizer or refillable e-cigarettes. The rich flavors provided in Atmos E-Liquid is sure to ignite your taste buds in an enjoyable vaporizing experience.  They come in 5 levels of nicotine which include: 2.4%, 1.8%, 1.2%, 0.6% and 0.0%. They are also compatible with all brands of e-cigarettes and vaporizers.

Vapor Outlet offers a wide variety of pen-style vaporizers perfect to go with the Atmos E-Liquid. The Atmos Optimus Vaporizer is a perfect choice. It is refillable, rechargeable and reasonable in price. Even high-end  vaporizers such as the Volcano are compatible with the Atmos E-Liquid. Vapor Outlet also offers a disposable way to vaporize with the Atmos E-Hookahs.

Atmos E-Hookahs are a disposable way to enjoy vaporizing through an e-cigarette. They come prefilled and precharged, ready to go straight from the box. Each Atmos E-Hookah produces a thick aromatic vapor that will awake you taste buds with every puff. The puffs on this e-cigarette will last a long time. Each Atmos E-Hookah contains 600 puffs. You can choose between a wide variety of flavors ranging from screaming apple to double dare coffee. There is a flavor for every person’s tasting pleasure. The Atmos E-Hookah is available in 2 levels of nicotine which are 0.0% and 0.6%. The Atmos E-Hookah is a great and safer alternative to cigarettes. No smoke. No carcinogens. No lingering smell. Order your E-cigarette merchandise wholesale at the lowest possible prices with Vapor Outlet. Register with us online today at for the lowest cost on all of your wholesale vaporizing needs!

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