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Meet the Herbalizer Vaporizer

Herbalizer Vaporizer

Ther Herbalizer vaporizer uses NASA know-how to make your vaporizing experience like never before!

The Herbalizer Vaporizer has arrived! Since the announcement of its release, there has been a lot of hype revolving around all of its features. There are so many great features; it is hard to keep it all straight. So let’s start with the minds behind the design.

The Herbalizer was designed by two former NASA Engineers. So just imagine, the same technology and brain power used to build supercomputers went into building the Herbalizer. That is insane! Each of the vaporizers has a 32MHz 16-bit processor that produces 300w of pure, clean halogen energy. That energy is used to vaporize your favorite dry herbs, concentrates and oils faster than ever before.

No assembly is required with your brand new Herbalizer. This vaporizer was made to be put to work straight out of the box. It has an instant heat-up time after your desired setting is chosen on the display screen. The temperature settings on the Herbalizer are unlike any other vaporizer out there. It lets you choose your temperature based upon the experience you are looking to get out of your vaporizing materials. Your choices range from an uplifting experience to an intense one. It will heat up instantly to your desired setting. The actual temperatures range precisely from 290°F – 445°F. You can even customize your settings so the Herbalizer remembers how you like your materials vaporized.

When vaping with the Herbalizer, you have 3 choices of delivery. First is the balloon bag. The balloon bag, made for the Herbalizer, has a special squeeze valve feature that releases the trapped vapor with just a quick squeeze and inhale. The next option is the integrated whip. When using the high power fan, the whip delivers the vapor with ease. The last option is freestyle. You can let pure vapor fill the room straight from the Herbalizer’s bowl.

The Herbalizer isn’t just a vaporizer; it is also an aromatherapy machine. It has an aromatherapy mode that can allow you to quickly deodorize the room once you have vaped.  It is also equipped with a mezzanine storage area located in the upper lid of the clamshell design. The Herbalizer literally comes with everything you need for a great vaporizing experience.


  • Sean Ben

    Wow that seems to be very nice aromatherapy device, how much does it cost??

  • Vapemaster

    The Herbalizer is the new KING OF THE HILL. I own this bad boy, and it totally destorys the volcano. Ze Volcano ist now extinct, ya vol. The amount of technology and resulting benefits are both shocking and totally amazing. And Made In America, it has a 2/5 year warranty, and is backed by terrific company. See it at

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